Spending Green to Appear Green

Spending Green to Appear Green

We’re really beginning to see the residual effects of the drought. Of course, shortening personal water usage is a must, but the means by which we’ve achieved this is sometimes a little preposterous.

For instance, instead of letting one’s lawn just turn brown as a symbol of solidarity with fighting California’s drought, we’re seeing people who willingly spend money to have their grass spray-painted green. That way, it will create the illusion that the lawn is watered without having to actually water it.

Time and again, we have to point out the apparently-not-so-obvious: It doesn’t have to be this way!

Seriously, if you look into graywater recycling systems and/or rainwater capture systems, you’ll see that you can keep your lawn NATURALLY green during the drought, and you won’t have to answer to those who are quick to pull the drought shaming card on you.


By: Jay Berstein

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