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Q:  What is graywater?

A:  Graywater (sometimes spelled gray water or greywater) is the term used to describe water that’s been used in sinks, showers, bathtubs, and laundry. (It’s called “gray” because it’s between clear potable water and blackwater.)

Q:  What does your graywater recycling system do?

A:  Our system diverts graywater from showers, bathtubs, sinks and laundry drains; then filters and disinfects so it can be safely re-used for landscape irrigation and other permitted uses.

Q:  How does it work?

A:  Graywater is piped through a 3-stage physical filtration process with increasingly aggressive filter media to remove debris particles, then ultraviolet light and ionization processes to eradicate bacteria. The disinfection system provides complete and total bacteria and odor control.

Q:  Can your system recycle dishwasher or kitchen sink water?

A:   No. Both contain food by-products; fats, oils, grease (referred to as FOG) and food solids, that are difficult to properly purify.

Q. Can you also install a rainwater capture system?

A. Yes.  However there are different codes and regulations on rainwater capture and reuse from those that apply to graywater.  And, not a surprise, various state and regulatory agencies differ on their requirements.  Check with your local building and health department to find what regulations you’re subject to.  To calculate the amount of rainwater you can capture, take the square footage of your capture surface, your roof, and multiply that number by .623.  The answer will give you the gallons of water 1″ of rainfall will yield.

Q:  What type of maintenance does your system require?

A:   Similar to servicing swimming pool and spa equipment. Filter housings have back flush valves and pressure gauges to indicate when back flushing is required. A twice monthly inspection of the pressure gauges will indicate when service is needed. We provide a detailed instruction manual, or a very affordable service program where we do the work for you.

Q:  Do you also have service technicians to handle maintenance for me?

A:   Yes, we have a very affordable full service maintenance program.

 Q:  Is there a warranty?

A:   Yes, the overall system is covered by a one year warranty.  In addition, individual components are covered by the manufacturers warranties ranging from 1 to 7 years.

Q:  How long does it take to install one of your systems to an existing home?

A:   It depends on the complexity and size of the home and landscape area.  Generally one to three days.

 Q:  Is a building permit required for installation?

A:   Typically yes, but it depends entirely on your city’s building department guidelines.  We can check your local building codes for you.  Gray and rainwater recycling is going through rapid building department revisions nationwide.  Most cities understand and support the need to reuse water.  We have never been denied a permit.

Q:  What if my city tells me a graywater system can’t be installed? 

A:  Contact us directly.  After we show the specific building department the design of our system, its benefit and test results of water quality, they will most likely become very receptive.

Q:  Can I install a graywater system myself?

A:  Unless you’re a contractor or plumber, we do not recommend it.  That’s not to say a skilled homeowner who is comfortable with hand tools, possesses a deep knowledge of building codes and regulations, and has hands-on experience with drawing, plumbing, electrical systems, filtration processes and techniques could not design and install a gray water system. However, we feel it is not wise to undertake such a project without experienced professional assistance.

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