Residential Systems

The average four person single family home in a temperate climate uses over 20,000 gallons of water monthly.  Over half of which is used for landscape irrigation; think about that, clean drinking water being sprayed on dirt!  The same family uses nearly 3,000 gallons of water per month to flush toilets; talk about good water going after bad!

Our recycling system, will reduce that families municipal water usage by 50% to 70% with a similar reduction in their water bill.  Of greater importance is the fact the family is doing their utmost to preserve one of our most important natural resources.

After installing our Residential System Ed Begley’s family of three saved an average of 405 gallons of water daily, an amount verified by his Los Angeles Department of Water and Power statement.  That’s nearly 150,000 gallons annually.

Expand that savings to 500 families using our residential systems; 73 Million gallons annually, 1000 families nearly 150 Million gallons.  That’s impact!

Using our systems water becomes a reusable asset rather than a one time commodity.  Take long relaxing showers without feeling guilty by knowing the water you’re using today will irrigate your lawn and garden tomorrow.  Think of the electricity and other resources saved because that water is not being processed at the local sewer treatment plant.  Instead, after reuse it’s percolating down into the water table, being recycled as mother nature has been doing for thousands of years.


Both new construction and retro fit systems are available.  The average family of four living in a warm climate zone uses over 25,000 gallons of water monthly!  Over half of which is used for landscape irrigation; clean drinking water being sprayed on dirt!  The same family can use 3,800 gallons to flush toilets; talk about good water going after bad!  Our units reduce municipal water use by 50% to 70% with a similar reduction to your water bill.

For commercial property owners and leaseholders the need to conserve water is becoming a mandatory requirement.  Additionally, it’s simply the right thing to do, both from a financial and environmental standpoint.  At the Paul Mitchell School in Costa Mesa, our system saves 400,000 gallons annually. If LEED Certification is a priority, gray and rain water reuse adds valuable Water Efficiency points helping achieve the highest possible LEED Classification.

System Details

Tucked away in a serene landscaped corner of the property behind the basketball court and climbing wall. The system automatically filters and disinfects the homes shower and laundry water so it can be safely reused for irrigation.

The skid mounted filters remove debris and polish the water to sparkling clarity. Maintenance is s imple with a flip of the top mounted valve to back flush. Access to the storage tank is front left.

Disinfection components and system controls are w all mounted for easy installation and access.

Early in the installation... before the landscapers t ook over!