Residential Systems

Graywater recycling or rainwater capture systems for the home.

The average four person single family home uses over 20,000 gallons of water monthly.  Over half of which is used for landscape irrigation; think about that, clean drinking water being sprayed on dirt!  The same family uses nearly 3,000 gallons of water per month to flush toilets; talk about good water going after bad!

Our recycling systems reduce families municipal water usage by 50% to 70% with a similar reduction in their water bill.  Of greater importance is the fact the family is doing their utmost to preserve one of our most important natural resources! By using our systems water becomes a reusable asset rather than a one time commodity.  Take long relaxing showers without feeling guilty, safe in the knowledge that the water you’re using today will irrigate your lawn and garden tomorrow!

Our knowledge and skill is based on years of installs and hard work. One thing that we’ve learned is that installing a Graywater System into a pre-existing home is no easy task. In most cases the cost of new plumbing far outweighs the cost of the system. Its for this reason that we STRONGLY suggest installing our systems during a homes initial construction or during an extensive remodel. At the very least we suggest that any new construction utilizes a dual plumbing network, allowing a Gray Water System to be easily installed at a future time.

Please call or email to discuss installing a WRS System at your home!