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"This review is long over due. I don’t generally write reviews, but I think, in light of the drought situation, that this is a very important subject, and anyone considering installing a gray water recycling system should be aware of Buzz Boettcher and the system he developed and installs. Before going with Buzz, we did a great deal of research and we couldn’t find anything else that even came close - This is a state of the art residential gray water system. The water that comes from our showers, tubs, sinks, and washing machine is filtered and cleaned to a point that it is just about drinking water quality. Our system has been up and running now for five years. The system is quiet, unobtrusive, requires very little routine maintenance - just an easy backwash every three months that takes about ten minutes. It’s been virtually trouble free. The few times we’ve had a minor problem, Buzz and his team have responded immediately - they usually show up the next day, or, at the most within 72 hours. I can’t say enough about the quality of service we’ve received from Buzz. Probably the most telling is that he is every bit as responsive to us now as he was five years ago when we met with him the first time."
- Anonymous Homeowner

“Buzz has done an incredible job designing and installing a water reclamation system for our car wash. He gave us a very fair price, solved a low water pressure issue and gave us the satisfaction of knowing that we have done our part to protect the environment for generations to come. We are very appreciative and would recommend him unconditionally.”
- Dave & Zoie Carney | Business Owners
Owners of Hillside Motor Fuels and Hillside Hand Car Wash and Detail

Hillside's custom system

"After receiving two $850 per month water bills in a row from Brentwood last summer I was angry- that's more than some people pay in rent! I have a small natural stream on my property, that I discovered my neighbor had diverted to water his own plants, which dried out and killed a bunch of my shrubbery. So I decided to try to use my stream's water for my own irrigation, to be environmentally correct, and also to reduce my water bills. I spent several frustrating months trying to find a competent water recycling system designer and installer before luckily being referred to Buzz Boettcher at Water Recycling Systems. I needed the whole system to be hidden from view, and quiet, which Buzz accomplished by installing a 2,500 gallon tank complete with pump and filters underground. Initially I was concerned because Buzz asked for 80% of his fee up front, but I took a gamble and boy did it pay off. Buzz put a TON of work into my project, probably more than he anticipated due to unforseen problems, yet never asked for an increased fee. He also made numerous trips here afterward to fine tune my system but always refused payment, saying "it's part of my service." Bottom line- Buzz is one of the most honest, fairest, and reasonably priced contractors I've ever worked with, and I cannot recommend him highly enough."
- Randy Simon
Home Owner

Randy's Custom System