The Great Texas Truck Wash

As record droughts continue across the American West more and more companies are looking for innovative ways to save water.  Click here to learn how WRS helped a Truck Wash company in Houston Texas save water and money!

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We are now NSF 350 CERTIFIED

WRS is proud to announce that we now offer an NSF 350 certified Graywater System!  This system allows our clients to legally flush toilets and drip or spray irrigate with recycled Graywater!

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LEED Platinum Innovation: Rainwater Capture System for “Santa Monica’s Greenest Building”


We are the leading environmental resource company in the world specializing in providing innovative and practical water conversational systems…

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Where Does All That Shower and Laundry Water Go?

Visit our FAQ’s page and learn more!

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Satisfy Your Environmental Conscience… And Your Wallet!

Gray Water: Collection – Filtration – Disinfection – Irrigation. 
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