LEED Platinum Innovation: Rainwater Capture System for “Santa Monica’s Greenest Building”


We are the leading environmental resource company in the world specializing in providing innovative and practical water conversational systems…

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Where Does All That Shower and Laundry Water Go?

Down the Drain!! Paid for and Wasted.  But Now You Can Safely Reuse it!

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Satisfy Your Environmental Conscience… And Your Wallet!

Gray Water: Collection – Filtration – Disinfection – Irrigation. From your shower and laundry to your garden, automatically! Ours are the only full service systems.

Capture Rainwater for Reuse!

Save and Reuse Rainwater for that ‘Sunny Day’!  It’s Easy, Safe and Automatic.

Installation at Hillside Hand Car Wash and Detail

“Buzz has done an incredible job designing and installing a water reclamation system for our car wash…”

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