Grey Water Recycling Systems

What is a Grey Water Recycling System?

Grey Water is shower, tub, lavatory sink, and laundry water.  A Grey Water Recycling System captures that water, filters it, and re-uses it to flush toilets, wash laundry, feed irrigation and more.  A properly designed and maintained Grey Water System can save some owners between 25% to 45% on their water bill.  

For over fourteen years Water Recycling Systems has been installing Grey Water Systems of all types across Los Angeles and beyond.  From state of the art NSF350 certified Hydraloop Grey Water Systems to simpler drip irrigation only systems.  We’ve seen it all, and no one is more qualified to help you save water.

Hydraloop H300 in LA grey water recycling system
Hydraloop H300

How is Grey Water collected and how is it filtered in California?

Whether it’s a residential or commercial Grey Water Recycling System the first step is always collecting the raw Grey Water.  In existing structures a new dual-plumbing network must be installed.  In Los Angeles, Grey Water dual plumbing is now mandatory in all new construction, this means a crucial installation step is now necessary in all new construction.   

Once the raw Grey Water has been collected it must be filtered.   We’re proud to sell and install Hydraloop Grey Water Systems.  These state of the art systems use multiple levels of filtration to purify raw Grey Water.  Depending on project location the Hydraloops NSF350 certification means this filtered water can be used for irrigation, laundry, flushing toilets, and all other approved recycled water uses.     

Hydraloop water pre and post filtration grey water systems in LA
Grey Water Pre and Post Filtration
Hydraloop H600 greywater recycling unit
Hydraloop H600

Grey Water Recycling Services Offered

Grey Water System Installation

Whether it’s a retrofit or new construction we’re happy to help with- 

  • Reviewing building plans
  • Site Visitation
  • Customized System Design
  • Interfacing with your plumber or contractor
  • System Installation and Maintenance 
  • Repairs for existing Greywater Systems

Grey Water system in your future?

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Residential Grey Water Systems

Over half of which is used for landscape irrigation; think about that, clean drinking water being sprayed on dirt!  The same family uses nearly 3,000 gallons of water per month to flush toilets; talk about good water going after bad!

Our recycling systems reduce families municipal water usage by 50% to 70% with a similar reduction in their water bill.  Of greater importance is the fact the family is doing their utmost to preserve one of our most important natural resources! By using our systems water becomes a reusable asset rather than a one time commodity.  Take long relaxing showers without feeling guilty, safe in the knowledge that the water you’re using today will irrigate your lawn and garden tomorrow!

Whether it’s a small single family home or sprawling mansion, our residential Grey Water Systems are perfect for every homeowner.  Grey Water Systems are easiest to install during initial construction or during a renovation.  With that being said retrofit installations are possible, and WRS has helped dozens of homeowners by installing a Grey Water System into their existing home.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning construction, undergoing a renovation, or have an existing home, WRS is always here to help with:

  • Assessment and consultation
  • Customized System Design
  • Professional Installation Services
  • Review and Repair of existing Grey Water Systems


Our knowledge and skill is based on years of installs and hard work. One thing that we’ve learned is that installing a Graywater System into a pre-existing home is no easy task. In most cases the cost of new plumbing far outweighs the cost of the system. Its for this reason that we STRONGLY suggest installing our systems during a homes initial construction or during an extensive remodel. At the very least we suggest that any new construction utilizes a dual plumbing network, allowing a Graywater System to be easily installed at a future time. Contact us to speak with a grey water installation specialist today!

benefits of grey water recycling in United States

Benefits of Installing a Grey Water System in the United States

A properly functioning Grey Water System can reduce an owner’s water bill by 35% to 45%, but that’s not the only reason to install a Grey Water System.  Check out our Rebates (link) page for information on state tax rebates for Grey and Rainwater Systems.  Along with rebates a properly functioning and permitted Grey Water System will increase your home’s resale value.  In fully green homes and businesses a comprehensive Grey Water System may be the final step towards LEED certification.  Finally, in addition to financial incentives Grey Water System owners have peace of mind in knowing they’re working to end water scarcity and to protect our most vital natural resource. 

Municipalities Love Saving Water, Too.

Depending on the location of your project, there are lots of rebates available for graywater and rainwater recycling systems.

Commercial Grey Water Systems

Commercial systems for office buildings, health clubs, resorts & hotels, government buildings and more.

Commercial Rainwater Recycling Systems in Los Angeles
Rainwater Filtration for Commercial buildings in LA

For commercial property owners and leaseholders the need to conserve water is becoming a mandatory requirement.

Additionally, it’s simply the right thing to do, both from a financial and environmental standpoint.  At the Paul Mitchell School in Costa Mesa, our system saves 400,000 gallons annually. If LEED Certification is a priority, gray and rain water reuse adds valuable Water Efficiency points helping achieve the highest possible LEED Classification.

While commercial buildings produce less graywater than residences and resorts there are businesses that can greatly benefit.  Take the Paul MItchell Salon School in Costa Mesa.  By reusing their shampoo and laundry water to flush toilets they save nearly 400,000 gallons annually.

In addition, the USGBC LEED program is becoming increasingly prevalent in new and remodel commercial construction. The LEED System encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria. The system gives building owners and operators the tools they need to have an immediate and measurable impact on their building’s performance. Simply put, LEED compliant buildings are a healthier and safer place to work.

Because of the versatile design and installation capabilities of our recycling units they are perfect for LEED projects and all commercial buildings.

What do restaurants, commercial car wash facilities, and machine shops all have in common?  The answer is Water Recycling Systems.  During our fourteen years of business we’ve helped all these business types install Grey Water Systems.  Each of these commercial facilities presents different water saving opportunities. 

Our flagship Grey Water Systems at Eataly LA (include link to blog post) recycles all the restaurants lavatory sink water and uses it to flush toilets and in Houston we’re helping a commercial truck wash facility use their truck wash water twice.  No matter the business type, WRS can help you preserve our most vital natural resource and save money.  Please visit our Get a Quote page (link) to learn more about how we can help with:

  • Water Use Assessment and Consultation
  • Grey Water or Wastewater System Design
  • Professional and timely installation services
  • Review and Repair of existing Grey Water Systems

Why Choose Us To Install Your Grey Water Recycling System?

Water Recycling Systems has been working to save our most vital natural resource for well over a decade.  It’s safe to say that no other company in Los Angeles has our level of experience and knowledge.  Our record speaks for itself.  We have a long history of satisfied customers and have saved millions of gallons of water over the years.  In addition to all this we are the only Water Recycling company in Los Angeles with access to the state of the art Hydraloop Grey Water System.  We offer competitive pricing and reliable customer support making us a one stop shop for customers looking to save water and money.  If you’d like to learn more or have a project in mind, please reach out to us via our Get a Quote page.  Together we can save Earth’s most vital natural resource, water!

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Owner Testimonials

Water Recycling Systems has installed Grey Water Systems all across Los Angeles and beyond.  Don’t take our word for it though, here’s some written Testimonials from satisfied Grey Water customers.

Randy S – Beverly Hills, CA

After a bunch of research, I hired Buzz’s Water Recycling Systems about 5 years ago and am completely satisfied with the hidden system they designed and installed, on schedule, at a very fair price, which has been working flawlessly.  In addition, he and his son Logan provide periodic maintenance, and have always been communicative and timely. I highly recommend them!

Cynthia W – Hollywood, CA

Over 10 years ago I purchased a water recycling system from this company. My water bill is less than a third of my neighbors saving me thousands of dollars all these years. The system is relatively maintenance free with the exception of the cleaning of the filters which I do, easily, once a month myself. I consider this to be one of the most valuable investments in my house that I have made!

Client – Redondo Beach, CA

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