LEED Platinum Innovation: Rainwater Capture System for “Santa Monica’s Greenest Building”

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The City of Santa Monica is the Poster-Child for environmental awareness.

Sustainability, conservation of natural resources and a strong environmental conscience were high on their agenda long before they were popular and politically correct civic attributes.

Over a year before California Governor Brown declared a “Drought State of Emergency”, supported by President Obama, Santa Monica was taking aggressive action to conserve our most precious natural resource.  Simply put, The City of Santa Monica ‘get’s it’.

So it’s no surprise Water Recycling Systems, LLC was chosen to build and install the Rainwater Capture and Reuse System for their new Pico Boulevard Public Library.

They could have selected anyone…they chose us.

The overall system was conceived and designed by Kevin Poffenbarger, Principal PE at EPD Consultants, one of the leading water reuse Engineering Companies in the world.  Working with Kevin’s designs, we built and installed a system that automatically filters, disinfects, stores and delivers safe, reliable recycled rainwater to flush all toilets and urinals throughout the facility.

Equally notable is the fact that despite being under extreme regulatory and code compliance scrutiny by nine City, County and State agencies, the system passed inspection with absolutely no correction needed.

We are the leading environmental resource company in the world specializing in providing innovative and practical water conversational systems.

Follow the installation on our website, www.reusegraywater.com in the Photo Gallery Section, on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And feel free to contact us for all your water reuse questions and needs.

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