Speaking of saving water, do you know the name of “Santa Monica’s Greenest Building?”

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Just so happens, it’s the Santa Monica Public Library, Pico Branch. And how do we know? Because we designed and installed the Rainwater Capture system.

At the Pico Branch Library, Water Recycling Systems installed a rainwater capture system anchored by a12,000-gallon rainwater tank during construction. Now, every time there’s a ‘1-inch rain event’, our system captures 8,300 gallons from the building roofs. In an average year of rainfall, this equates to 100,000 gallons. For the full story on this historic LEED Platinum project, check out this video!

Overall, our rainwater capture system replaces 80% of the expected annual demand from toilet and urinal flushing in the facility!

We’re so proud to have contributed to:

·      LEED Platinum certification by the US Green Building Council

·      The first ground-up LEED Platinum project in Santa Monica

·      The first time rainwater has been used for toilet flushing in a Los Angeles County project

·      LEED innovation points

Check out the Pico Branch Library website.

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