California Drought Regulations – what’s new?

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Although California urban water suppliers have managed to use 29% less water in May, and up to an inch of rain fell across southern California during an unusual summer storm last weekend, the years-long drought condition still persists. Some are calling it a 1,000-year drought, and experts agree it will take years of above average rainfall to get the state’s water levels back to normal.

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The major news that smart property owners are talking about is the looming required cuts in water use. A simple overview of the results of Executive Order B-29-15 is that urban areas with higher water use per capita will be required to save more water than those who are currently using less. In areas where water use is low, required savings are only 4%. The requirements go to as high as 36% in some parts of the state.

Here’s are some of the required cuts anticipated by local Southern California communities:

  • Arcadia: 36 percent
  • Chino Hills: 28 percent
  • South Pasadena: 28 percent
  • Villa Park: 36 percent
  • Beverly Hills: 36 percent
  • La Canada/Flintridge: 36 percent

Here’s a good chart showing San Diego water mandates:
CA state-mandated water use reductions











We at Water Recycling Systems, LLC will keep working to inform you about the mandates.


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