El Nino is coming! El Nino is coming!

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The California media has been awash (pun intended) in stories about El Nino, the weather pattern that typically results in above average rainfall. To some this is welcome news, as California has been suffering from an historic drought.

The National Weather Service has advised, “Nearly all models predict El Niño to continue into the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, with many multi-model averages predicting a strong event at its peak strength.” (link) Here’s a good article from weather.com with good graphics explaining exactly what causes El Nino.

So, Californians, what can you do to prepare for El Nino?

If you’re a homeowner and want to learn more about capturing rainwater from El Nino (and in the future), please contact us at Water Recycling Systems. Just give us a call at 844-DROUGHT (844- 376-8448) or click this link to send an email inquiry

Homeowners as us all the time, How much water will my property produce? Water Recycling Systems can help you calculate the potential of your property.

As to the question of “Once El Nino starts, will the drought be over?” – we don’t know for sure, but many experts believe the answer is no. “”You creep into a drought slowly, and you creep out of it. There’s no quick fix,” said NASA climatologist Bill Patzert in this article. And, “According to NOAA, it would two feet or more of rainfall over the next six months to alleviate California’s drought conditions.”

Now that’s a lot of rainwater.

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