DWP shows how much $$ you can you save by recycling graywater

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Nearly every time a residential customer calls, he or she wants to know,

  • “How much graywater does my home produce?”
  • “How much property could my graywater cover?”, and
  • “How much $$ can I save by recycling the graywater in my house?”

Unfortunately, there’s no short answer for any of these important questions because, well, each one depends on your own household’s water habits.

To get a good idea, you can use these very helpful formulas provided by the LA Department of Water & Power (DWP). Here’s a link to the DWP page: http://bit.ly/1EeKXUX

And while we’re at it, here’s a link to a graywater guide put out by the State of California Department of Water Resources: State Guide for Landscape Irrigation

Hope these help!

Water Recycling Systems, LLC

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