Is drinking water potable, or potable?

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Here’s a small detail that comes up all the time in our industry – how to pronounce the “o” in the word “potable”.

Potable water is, of course, water that’s suitable for drinking. We use the word to distinguish from graywater, which is reusable in certain ways (irrigation, toilet flush) but not for drinking, and black water, which is wastewater that must be routed to the sewer.

Water Recycling Systems, LLC creates Graywater Recycling systems that process and reuse graywater (potable water that’s been used in sinks, showers, and laundry) in commercial and residential applications; and Rainwater Capture systems, which do what you’d expect – capture rainwater and store it for use in irrigation, toilet flush, and appropriate uses for graywater.

The answer to the question is, Long “o”, as in Poe-table. Please give us a call when you want to talk about a graywater system for your business or home, to help preserve as much potable water as possible during our drought. 844-DROUGHT, or visit for more information.

~ Buzz Boettcher

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