Why El Nino can be our amigo

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The latest publications are suggesting that this year’s El Nino will be comparable to Godzilla. That being the case, we can’t help but ask: what role can our rainwater capture systems play?

The answer is this: a huge one!

This year’s El Nino, according to NASA climatologists, has the potential to be unprecedented in severity. If you think it’s a gimmick, the Australia Bureau of Meteorology says the odds of this monstrosity are at 70%. So, again, what does this imply?

With our rainwater capturing systems, we directly stream water drainage from your roof into a tank (or multiple tanks) ranging from a one thousand to thirty thousand gallon holding capacity. Consider this: every inch of rainfall on your roof accounts for about 1,869 gallons of water. With proper drainage, our systems can capture every last gallon. The rainwater is then filtered, circulated, and recycled into your irrigation systems and toilets. It is practicality and ecological mindfulness all in one.

We know droughts are commonplace in California. Why not reconsider how to make use of the rainwater we actually get? With the upcoming El Nino’s incomparable downpour, it’s a worthy consideration.


By: Jay Berstein & Jeff Garrison

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