How to Suppress Water Usage and Fires Simultaneously

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Rainwater reclamation and reuse systems are known for conserving water on a massive scale, a notable achievement in and of itself. But, in some cases, it can save a person’s livelihood while making the job of firefighters more practical and cost effective.

A recent publication suggests that the widespread use of rainwater capture systems can drastically cut-back the financial burden that arises when our firefighters are put to work.

Think about it. There is a raging wildfire. There is no body of water nearby. Obviously, the helicopters still need water to contain the fire. How do we get it? To say the least, it’s an arduous process that is not only financially straining, but physically taxing. Firefighters are forced to collaborate with water trucks. The trucks are driven to a safe location to fill their tanks, the helicopters picks the tanks up, and the cycle repeats itself. The process is far from practical.

This is where rainwater capture systems come in. Based on a implementation of tanks in Chile (for this very purpose), studies suggest that this technology has shown to be “an exceptional opportunity for minimizing firefighting costs”. Why not make use of the rainwater we have in California too?

Perhaps isolated farm regions surrounded by substantial forestry should be subject to policies that encourage the most effective measure to ensure their livelihoods, homes and in extreme cases, their lives.


By: Jay Berstein

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