Public Enemy #1: The Wet Prince

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We’re sure our LA readers have heard about the individual who has been recognized informally as California’s Wet Prince of Bel Air, as The Center for Investigative Reporting titled the individual. Pseudonyms aside, this person/household has become a notorious figure in the water world, especially in the realm of drought shaming, and here’s why: this single Bel Air household effectively guzzled 11.8 million gallons of water in the past year, which likely amounted to a ninety thousand dollar yearly water bill.

From our point of view, this is rather disturbing. An already finite resource, which has been pushed beyond its limit as of late, has been notably exhausted by a single residence in the already lushly green Bel Air neighborhoods.

I mean, at the very least, if you have ninety grand a year to invest in water usage, why not cut the bill by thirty percent (along with your water usage). The not-so-hidden secret is this: Graywater recycling systems and/or rainwater capture systems! In case you have not heard, they effectively lower a residence’s water usage (and ultimately the water bill) by about thirty percent. If this household was equipped with our technology, the amount of water being used annually would be reduced by over three and a half million gallons!


By: Jay Berstein

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