Warranted Optimism?

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A recent Nasdaq Publication has given us insight on a California based company and its stock market integrity. As the post says, California Water Group’s “shares are currently trading up about 0.9% on the day.”

For those not aware, the California Water Group is a collective effort to mitigate water usage. In short, they manage water utilities and systems on a large scale across multiple states. So what exactly does their stock market success entail for us?

One thing this indicates for us is that the water drought may actually be taken seriously! If the individual stock has risen above its 200 day average, it obviously entails the success within CWP. This increase could also be indicative of the need to monitor the use of California’s extremely short supply of water (which we’re sure you never heard about that until now).

Either way, we can be of great service to this small boom in what we call the “water-related stock exchange”. By providing technology with cunning proficiency, we effectively mitigate the urgency that is California’s water situation. By repurposing and recycling materials that would otherwise be put to waste, we alleviate and help reverse the process of this excruciating drought.


By: Jay Berstein

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