A Famous Santa Monica Home, It’s Architect, And A New Rainwater System

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The Meridian House, this wonder of architecture sits just off Ocean Park Blvd in the heart of Santa Monica, California. It’s architect and owner is Thane Roberts. As 2015 came to a close Thane had one goal in mind, to continue to make his home as self sufficient and low impact as possible. His next step was Rainwater Capture and Re-Use. Water Recycling Systems stepped in to help him achieve that goal.

During the home’s construction Thane made the wise decision to install dual rainwater plumbing. This inexpensive decision is something we always encourage as it allows for easy installation of a Water Recycling System at a later date. With this pre-existing plumbing in place Water Recycling Systems was able to quickly install a Rainwater Re-Use System featuring high strength filtration and UV disinfection. Thane’s captured Rainwater is cleaned to a degree that allows him to legally use it for spray irrigation and hardscape wash down.

News of this accomplishment reached the offices of The City of Santa Monica, and soon after completion we found ourselves giving a tour of the system to members of The California Water Resources Board. Santa Monica continues to be a forward thinking, drought conscious municipality and the work done by Water Recycling Systems entitled Thane to a hefty rebate.

Further information about Thane Roberts, his architecture, and The Meridian House can be found here.

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