We are now NSF 350 CERTIFIED!

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WRS is proud to announce that we now offer an NSF 350 certified Graywater System!

Some of our readers may be unaware of what exactly NSF 350 means and why this new certification is such a big deal.  For those readers here’s a quick background on NSF 350 and its benefits.

Recycled graywater with NSF 350 approval allows the treated water to be stored without time restraints.  Where codes permit, NSF 350 water can be used for spray irrigation, flushing toilets, and poses no health threats. A big part of achieving NSF certification is that high water quality standards must be met over a 6 month period of stress testing with no human interaction.

Aqualoop is the only system to meet both commercial and residential NSF 350 standards. Water with a NSF 350 certification will easily meet local codes for permitting and is now being required in national and international level code guidelines.  NSF 350 is the gold standard in low impact green oriented construction for graywater recycling.

Here at WRS we are elated to reach this milestone in our company’s history.  This new certification will help us further expand our operations and will allow us to provide our clients with the absolute highest quality recycled water!


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