Eataly + WRS = Water Conservation

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It’s a rare occurrence when the city of Los Angeles gets something “new”, this town has seen it all.  But late last year something “new” appeared at the Westfield Century City Mall, and we at WRS are proud to have been part of its creation.

We’re talking about Eataly LA!  This sprawling 67,000 square foot culinary outpost features a range of Italian eateries and food markets.  This world famous gastronomic haven has locations in New York, Boston and Chicago, but its greenest establishment has now officially opened in Los Angeles.

In addition to being passionate about all things culinary, the Eataly Partners and Collaborators have a strong environmental conscience.  Especially when its about water and it’s preservation and conservation.

Housed inside this marvel of modern cuisine sits another true first for the city of Los Angeles, the very first Commercial NSF-350 Certified Graywater System. This revolutionary Water Recycling System sits on the first floor adjacent to the Gelato and Cannoli bar, proudly displayed inside a pristine glass enclosure.

Constructed over a period of several months WRS worked with Ecovie Environmental, All Area Plumbing, Clune Construction, Weil Aquatronics and CSI Electrical Contractors in a coordinated effort to recycle as much of the facilities water as possible.

The end result is an one of kind Graywater System. A fully automated system that collects the facilities water, purifies it to the highest safety levels, and re-uses it for flushing all toilets and urinals.

Make time for a trip to Eataly LA and marvel at the amazing range of food and wine on display; Gift Baskets are ideal for Holiday presents.  And while you’re there, order a Cannoli, fill it with your favorite Galato, and as you enjoy – turn around and have a look at the System.  It’s a product of years of hard won knowledge, built with one goal in mind, to help save water – our most vital natural resource.


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