It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way!

Now that the drought conditions have managed to surpass the pinnacle of extremity, we’re starting to see the changes that come as a result. An immediately apparent change has been home landscaping. People are either not watering their lawns and letting them turn brown, or uprooting their grass, and in turn landscaping with drought resistant (low water […]

Reduce the Use: Water Footprints

In the face of extreme drought conditions bestowed upon California, we now turn our attention to reducing our water footprint. As you can infer, the term “water footprint” references our individual water-use habits and the overall impact it may leave on our finite water supply. There are numerous ways to reduce the use, many of […]

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Hey everyone, check out our new Phone Number: 1.844.DROUGHT Call Water Recycling Systems, LLC anytime to get started on a graywater recycling or rainwater capture system. We can help you save money, and reduce demand on the water supply.